Gator system

The Gator system is a universal solution for storing and managing access keys (radio keys) while ensuring the safety of travel at various objects

Universal remote duplicator Gator

The Gator remote control duplicator has the ability to quickly copy remotes without access to the receiver and out of range of the receiver. It operates in fixed radio code and floating radio code modes. It supports 315, 433 and 868 MHz multi-frequency bands. Control and quickly copy remote controls for some home automation devices (Somfy, Legrand, Sonoff, etc.).The Gator remote control duplicator in conjunction with the Gator mobile application allows you to store, restore and send your radio access keys to other owners of the Gator system.

Gator mobile app

The application is available for smartphones on IOS and Android platforms.
Works in conjunction with the remote control duplicator Gator. Gator mobile app features:
Using saved radio keys via a mobile application to open gates and barriers.
Store up to 100 of your saved radio keys, use the radio keys provided to you with temporary access by other users of the Gator system **
Recover saved radio keys in case of loss of original key fobs, smartphone, or deletion of the Gator app. **
Provide temporary access to gates and barriers to other users of the Gator system. **
The ability to remove temporary access from those users to whom it was previously granted.
The ability to edit the saved radio keys.
Displaying saved gates and barriers on the map.
Opening the gate and barrier via a phone call (on a locked screen via push notifications).
Setting a password for the Gator duplicator remotes to prevent unauthorized access.
Updating the firmware of the Gator duplicator remote control via the mobile application.
You can learn more about all the features of the mobile application in the Apple Store and Google Play.

* With Gator system
** Available by subscription

What we are working on

Adding floating radio keys to the remote duplicator Gator. Expert mode for adding radio keys, GSM gateway Gator Simbox (opening gates and barriers by calling from a single number). Using geolocation or other means of positioning the Gator user to open gates or barriers in the app. App development for Apple Watch. Application development for Apple CarPlay and Android auto. This is a small part of what our team is working on to create a universal Gator system.


Gator features


Synchronizing the mobile app with the Gator remote


Adding new radio keys for access to gates or barriers

My keys

List of your radio keys for gates and barriers


Display on the map of your radio keys to gates and barriers

Submitting the key

Granting temporary access


Call to the barrier via push notification

Temporary access Manager

List of people who were granted temporary access


Storing and restoring your radio keys


Adding an additional universal Gator remote


Ability to set your password on your device


System update


Push notifications when approaching a barrier


View the app's functionality and Gator design


How it works


Pre-Sale Gator